Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (SHJ) Sacred Heart Jesus

Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (SHJ)

Good News to the Poor in the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Primary Education

Aided Primary Schools

  1. St. Michael Primary School, Singampatty, Thirunelveli Dt.
  2. St. Joseph’s Primary School, Vicramasingapuram, Thirunelveli Dt.
  3. RC Primary School, Vadamalaisamudram, Thirunelveli Dt.
  4. Sacred Heart Primary School, Irudayakulam, Thirunelveli Dt.
  5. Sacred Heart Primary School, Panagudy, Thirunelveli Dt.
  6. St. Mary’s Primary School, Millerpuram, Tuticorin Dt.
  7. St. Joseph’s Primary School, Naranammalpuram, Thirunelveli Dt.
  8. St. Thomas Primary School, Kurichy, Thirunelveli Dt.
  9. Christu Jyothi Primary School, Caussanelnagar, Thirunelveli Dt.
  10. St. Charles Primary School, Vadipatty, Madurai Dt.

Self Finance Primary School

  1. St. Joseph’s Primary School, Athipet, Thiruvannamalai Dt.

Aided Diocesan Primary Schools under Brothers’ Management

  1. RC Primary School, Gnanaolivupuram, Madurai District.
  2. St. Aloysius Primary School, Royappanpatty, Theni Dt.
  3. RC Primary School, Ramanad Dt.

Special School

  1. Amalarakkini School for the Blind – Susainagar – Aided
  2. Arutchandru Non formal Special School, [MR]Paramakudi – Unaided
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