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Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (SHJ)

Good News to the Poor in the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus



The education apostolate of the Sacred Heart Brothers is a tangible testimony of our commitment to discern the needs of the time and respond to our charism and the directives of our Founder. As such the Education commission empahzies that our schools should not remain as places of mere academic excellence and pursuits but they are efficient agents for integral human formation. In order to achieve this, our educational programmes should emphasis the physical, intellectual, social, moral and spiritual growth of the individual left to our care and concern.

Above all our commitment to the poor and the marginalized should in the first place be reflected in our existing educational institutions. Bearing this in mind we go ahead to reach the apex to the glory of His kingdom.

In my capacity as the Educational Coordinator of the Congregation I am please very much to submit this report to the members of the XIII chapter members in all sincerity.

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