Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (SHJ) Sacred Heart Jesus

Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (SHJ)

Good News to the Poor in the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


Sharing the Good News and translating it into action is one of the primary areas of the mission. Forming and strengthening the laity to take responsibilities in the life of the Church is an important strategy towards this. “Friends of the Sacred Heart’(FSH) has been promoted to inculcate love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus and nurture values of Compassion, Service and Love.

There are four evangelization centres reaching out to about 300 villages. In addition, one spiritual guidance and renewal centre and one animation centre are focusing on the spirituality of the Sacred Heart Charism.

The specific activities within these programmes are:

  • Promotion of Lay Leadership
  • Promotion of Inter-Religious Dialogue
  • Peace building initiatives through schools and parishes
  • Promoting Youth Movement – spiritual orientation and family counseling
Sl No Name of the Centres Place No. of Beneficiaries
1 Divine Mercy Center Mailadudurai 1900
2 Arutchandru Center Paramakudi 3000
3 Arputha Yorthan Causanelpuram 1200
4 Ave Maria Mission Center Devikolam 600
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